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Vision Service Plan

Available in all 50 states



you vision benefit summary

To obtain a list of VSP member doctors call VSP at 1-800-877-7195, visit their web site at or you may contact your benefits representative. Contact the VSP member doctor and make an appointment. Identify yourself as a VSP member and provide the doctor’s office with the covered member’s social security number and employer’s name. The member doctor will call VSP to verify your eligibility and plan coverage. If you are not eligible the doctor’s office will call to explain why and discuss available options.

When services are received from a VSP member doctor, reimbursement is made directly to the doctor. The patient will have no out-of-pocket expense other than the copayment, unless optional items are selected that the group does not cover. Optional items include, but are not limited to, oversize lenses, coated lenses, no-line multifocal lenses or a frame that exceeds the wholesale allowance.

If services are obtained from a non-member doctor and/or dispensing optician, the bill is submitted to VSP at: PO Box 997100, Sacramento, CA 95899 and will be reimbursed according to the above schedule. The copayment applies to member and non-member services.

Your Whole Family is Eligible

Union and Associate Members  plus their eligible dependents are qualified for plan benefits.  Eligible dependents include your spouse, unmarried children to age age 19, and full-time students to age 23.


Vision Service Plan is now available as a stand alone product and available in all 50 states.



The following rates are per pay period (every 2 weeks). Listed separately by type of membership.  If you are selecting both a dental plan and Vision Service Plan, the combined rate for both is listed on the dental plan page.

Rates are Effective 7/01/2016 through 6/30/2017

  Employee Employee and Spouse Employee and Children Employee and Family
Per Pay Period


Rates For Associate Members

Rates are Effective 7/01/2014 through 6/30/2015

Employee $17.31
Employee + 1 $19.80
Employee + Children $19.94
Employee + Family $24.09



Here's how to enroll

  1. Fill out the Enrollment Application form.  Make sure to fill in all the information requested.
  2. Find the rate above for the dental+vision plan you have selected.  Your rate will be on a "Per Pay   Period" basis.
  3. Complete your allotment to pay for the plan. Do an allotment online, in the amount of the plan you choose. Use the correct account number for your membership status. To start your allotment to pay for the plan, use the following account number for IFPTE members:
  Account Number Routing Number
IFPTE Member 4375675623 121000248
Non-Member 4496806407 121000248

Important:  It usually takes a few weeks for your payroll deduction to start.  Then, we must receive three deductions before your benefits begin.  You should allow six to eight weeks for your coverage to become effective.


It's Easy to Pay

By completing the payroll deduction form, your dental premium will be deducted automatically from each pay roll check.  You will not be able to use payroll if you already have two other deductions.  If this is the case contact NWPA directly to obtain the necessary form. Select the deposit form reflects your type of membership to enlarge its view. Select print from your browser to print the form.

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Enrollment Form for VSP


Contact NWPA  by email:       by phone  541-484-2781  or Fax  541-349-0486

Please Remember To:
Turn your Direct Deposit form in to payroll.
Please mail your enrollment form to:

1805 Tabor St. 
Eugene, Or     97401